The school has a healthy blend of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities to ensure all round development of the students. The clubs function under the guidance of talented and resourceful teachers.

  • Literary Club: Develops skills in public speaking, debate, declamation, creative writing and elocution.

  • Science and Mathematics Club: The objective of the club is to inculcate scientific temper among the students. Guest lectures, visit to places of scientific interests, organizing science exhibitions and quizzing are the major activities of the club.

  • Young Journalists Club: Students with exceptional writing skills are encouraged to take active part in the activities of the club, like visit to press, interacting with noted journalists, writing reports on the various activities of the school for the school bulletin boards and bringing out the Annual School magazine.

  • Adventure Club: Students are taken for outdoor activities like cross country trekking, rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing. The students are thus exposed to outdoor activities.

  • Green Brigade Club: Think globally and act locally is the motto of the club. This brings awareness amongst the students that they are the custodians of the earth. Guest lectures by eminent environmentalists, planting of saplings, poster making and slogan making competitions are taken up by the members of the club.

  • Reach Out Club: This club aims at making the children realize that service is the highest prayer and bridging the gap between the “haves & have-nots” is a part of education. Students contribute generously to the needy.

  • Fine Arts & Performing Arts Club: This club aims in bringing out the latent talents in the students and nurture them. The trained teachers guide and motivate the students to pursue the art of their choice. Students participate in Intra School and Inter School fests.